Injury prevention and performance improvement are the
two most important areas of concern.

Natraflex™ anticipates healthy players gaining 200-300% increase in endurance and some strength. Main features of the gloves are increase in endurance, strength improvement, reduction in injuries to the upper extremity and performance improvement. Grip strength of linemen and backs holding on to the ball to prevent fumbles should improve and quarterbacks should benefit as well.

Natraflex gloves and PowerBar should be prerequisite for strength training and also be used in the off season to maintain endurance and strength.

The PowerBar can be used to strengthen the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones specific to any movement pattern that players want to strengthen. 

PowerBar can also be used to warm up players upper body prior to actual play.

PowerBar has 4 rods inside the tube so players can rehab in gradual sequences. One of the capped ends can be removed to allow change in the resistance. Built-in Dorsal Brace and Kinetic™ composite fabric exercisers create concentric, and eccentric contractions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments bones and nerves specific to natural movement patterns fingers, hand, wrist and forearm while participating in a sporting activity or on the job.

The Benefits

  • Functional Kinetic, Isotonic and Isometric Exercise
  • The Devices FlexSet™ the hands and wrist natural positions
  • IsoFLEXCentric™ -Proprioceptive exercise devices in motion
  • Increase strength/endurance 200-400% using eccentric and concentric contractions
  • Prevent, treat and rehab, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, stress and arthritis
  • Promote bone growth due to the isotonic exercise
  • Promote regain of lost motion in the upper extremity