We create products that promote strength and endurance, prev



NatraFlex’s IsoFlexCentric™/ Proprioceptive  Exercises strengthen and train muscles, tendons, ligaments bones and  nerves specific to natural movement patterns of the fingers, hand, wrist  and forearm. This builds strength and endurance specific to natural  movement patterns, which prevent injuries in the fingers, hand, wrist  and forearm while in use. 



While participating in a sport or job  activity, NatraFlex gloves increase endurance 200-400% in most users.   Our Injury Prevention Trials with a professional baseball team reduced  injuries 83%. The Hughston Foundation Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Clinical  Trial had 13 CTS Patients at the Dr.- clinic level for surgical release,  only 1 patient had surgery. 



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the  most widely diagnosed work related injuries in the United States.  Our  Functional Ergonomic Exercise and Bracing products support Sports,  Medical and Job Markets.

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