Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Solution

 Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most widely diagnosed work-related  injuries in the United States (2.5 million patient visits and at least  300,000 release surgeries per year). CTS causes 25 lost days from work 


Some studies suggest that the prevalence of symptoms consistent with  CTS in the dominant hand among dentists is higher (4.8% vs. 2-3%) than  the general population.

The Solution

The OrthoFlexTM Ergonomic Exercise & Night Bracing Device and the OrthoBraceTM Functional Day Brace


These gloves keep the two middle fingers, hand and wrist at 19 degree  angles to the radius of the forearm which helps keep pressure off the  median nerve in the carpal tunnel during work and while sleeping.


In a clinical trial at Hughston Orthopedic Foundation, Columbus, GA  (a BIOMET Sponsored trial) 13 patients with CTS symptoms were treated  with the OrthoFlex Night Brace and only one of the patients ended up  having surgical intervention.